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Please state your choice of plan in Comments Column:

Biz Plan:

UB01- Unifi Biz 100Mbps 2019 - RM349

UB02- Unifi Biz 50Mbps 2019 - RM299

UB03- Unifi Biz 30Mbps 2019 - RM249

UB04- Unifi Biz 10Mbps 2019 - RM179

UB05- Unifi Biz Lite 10Mbps - ebiz package

UB06- Unifi Biz Advance 30Mbps - ebiz package

UB07- Unifi Biz Advance Plus 50Mbps - ebiz package

UB08- Unifi Biz Pro 100Mbps - ebiz package

UB09- Unifi Biz Lite Plan 10Mbps - Sayang Malaysia

UB10- Unifi Biz Advance Plus Plan 30Mbps - Sayang M'sia

UB11- Unifi Biz Advance Plan 50Mbps - Sayang Malaysia

UB12- Unifi Biz Pro Plan 100Mbps - Sayang Malaysia

Home Plan:

UH01- Unifi 100Mbps (STB) Turbo Deal 2019 - RM159

UH02- Unifi 100Mbps Turbo Deal 2019 - RM129

UH03- Unifi 30Mbps VDSL 2019 - RM139

UH04- Unifi Advance 30Mbps - Bonanza Campaign RM139

UH05- Unifi 30Mbps VDSL Basic - RM79

Thanks for submitting!  We will get back to you soon.

You will need to provide copy of IC for Malaysian and Passport for foreigner for Home Fibre Application.  For Biz application, please provide Company's SSM and IC of owner.  Please email to:

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