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Please state your choice of plan in Comments Column:

Biz Plan:

MB01- Bizfibre Dynamic - 30Mbps No Phone (RM99)

MB02- Bizfibre Dynamic - 30Mbps Free Dect Phone (RM109)

MB03- Bizfibre Dynamic - 100Mbps Free Dect Phone (RM139)

MB04- Bizfibre Fixed - 30Mbps No Phone (RM299)

MB05- Bizfibre Fixed - 30Mbps Free Dect Phone (RM309)

MB06- Bizfibre Fixed - 100Mbps Free Dect Phone (RM339)

Home Plan:

MH01- Maxis Home Fibre 30Mbps - No Phone (RM89)

MH02- Maxis Home Fibre 30Mbps - Free Dect Phone (RM99)

MH03- Maxis Home Fibre 100Mbps - Free Dect Phone (RM129)

Thanks for submitting!  We will get back to you soon.

You will need to provide copy of IC for Malaysian and Passport for foreigner for Home Fibre Application.  For Biz application, please provide Company's SSM and IC of owner.  Please email to:

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