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VMS Malaysia produces and promotes good quality films, tele-movies.  We aim to target market for both local viewers as well as international viewers.
We provide professional services to prospective customers who require shooting of short-corporate video, product videos and many other.  From Pre-Production to Post-Production, we are capable of providing your organization with the best video products.

VMS Malaysia produced the following list of movies/videos:
     1st Pet Movie in Malaysia "Ming Ming - the Story of Smarty" in 2013
     熊猫侠 预告片 #01 老人痴呆篇  Alzheimer Chapter in March 2017
     熊猫侠 预告片 #02 聋哑篇  Deaf and Dumb Chapter in March 2017

     熊猫侠公益短片之孤星梦系列 Starry Starry Stars Series #1 in April 2017

     熊猫侠公益短片之孤星梦系列 Starry Starry Stars Series #2 in September 2017

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